US Convention & Visitors Bureau

Members have the opportunity to host professional seminars by Nicole Bodchon, a professional strategic communicator. Seminars include Communication Styles and Hosting Effective Meetings; Service & Hospitality; and  Personal & Professional Development.

Nicole Bodchon, the U.S. CVB’s professional strategic communicator, offers this transformative experience for your members. Choose from a variety of seminars that are interactive and engaging. Most sessions are 75 minutes with plenty of time for open discussion or one-on-one time. Call and get the full details on communication styles; hosting effective meetings; turning action into empathy; personalized service; the science behind service;and how to succeed in the digital landscape of social media. Nicole can transform your ideas into a tailor-made seminar that not only reflects your feelings but also delivers your message with impact.


We are here to help you construct an unforgettable experience that resonates deeply with your members. Let’s do this together.